Synapse Center's subliminal and self-hypnosis audio offerings work effortlessly to allow you to enroll your unconscious mind as your ally. Subliminal and self-hypnosis technology uses scientifically verifiable research to achieve personal excellence as if by magic.

It has been scientifically proven that your only limitations are self-imposed. When you free your mind's own natural abilities, you can accept all the happiness, personal well-being and success that is available to you.

Consciously attempting to solve what is fundamentally a subconscious problem such as smoking, weight loss, and self esteem can actually make the problem worse.

Research has proven the unconscious mind accepts and acts on messages presented to the unconscious by subliminal means. Subliminal messages go past the barriers of the conscious mind to effect change directly at the source... your subconscious mind.

Everyone goes into an altered state of consciousness, or a hypnotic state, regularly. Whenever you go to sleep, your brain waves shift through Beta (aware, awake consciousness) to Alpha (relaxed) into Theta (the "hypnotic" state, where time has no meaning and images are perceived as-if-real) before sinking into Delta (deep sleep, REM dreaming). One also goes through the same stages from sleeping to waking, in the reverse order.

Normally, the passage through theta is soon over. However, our design and technology allows your consciousness to float comfortably there, where suggestion is readily accepted and the positive changes you desire can be most easily made.
Based on years of study and experience, Dr. Butler has personally designed and recorded your subliminals at 7-9 decibels below the threshold of normal hearing under 4/4 rhythm music which induces a receptive state.

As these positive change messages are accepted and acted upon by your system, negative messages you have unconsciously allowed to shape unwanted behaviors are replaced with positive behaviors so that you may achieve success and joy in your life.

All you need to do is to listen and notice almost immediately how the negative behavior patterns have been interrupted and changed. Listening regularly establishes the new habit pattern so that within 90 days the desired behavior can be yours permanently!

Change your self-limiting and self-defeating beliefs through pleasant, effortless stimulation by subliminal and self-hypnosis visualizations so that you can live the life you envision.

©2003, D. Butler
Stairwell access to some of the oldest chambers of the Cathedral of St. Andrew in Wells, Somerset, England. The Cathedral was built over a period spanning the 12th to 14th centuries over an earlier sacred site.

“ Allow your unconscious knowing to lead you to the inner sanctum normally
closed to the conscious mind. Go past the barriers and open the doors of
awareness to rise above normal waking consciousness. Experience and claim the wisdom of the ages which is waiting there - yours to discover.

Research indicates that subliminal stimuli are among the most powerful, yet gentle, and inexpensive change agents available today. For that reason, I am commited to offering them as tools for positive change and expanded awareness.

I have personally designed and produced each offering with utmost care to insure that you are getting the highest quality. You deserve a life full of joy, love, abundance and health. I hope you will take this opportunity to manifest your own dreams, and watch them come to fruition by using our offerings.”

Dianna Butler, Ph.D.
President, Synapse Centers for Growth, Inc.

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