Release Unwanted Behaviors
(such as smoking)

Your Brain's Split Personality

Did you know that information carried in your nerves and brain is translated into behavior?

Or that wrapped within your brain are actually five separate innerconnected brains?

When they are working efficiently together, your life runs smoothly. Think of it as your own "Inner Staff" consisting of:

Your Medulla (the oldest), handles your instincts.
Your Cerebellum; next to oldest, covers your autonomic responses so you don't have to think "heart, pump... heart pump", to keep you alive.
Your Neocortex is your message & delivery system.
Your Limbic is your pleasure center.
Your Forebrain is your manager and integrator for the whole staff.
Your Right and Left Hemispheres (or "dominant" and non-dominant") complete the Inner Staff of your brain.

Richard Sperry won a Nobel Prize for proving that without the communication fibers between the two they don't even know the other exists!

Release Unwanted Behaviors
(such as smoking)

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