Dr. Butler is a business consultant on a national and international level, working with a wide range of companies from small businesses to large corporations, as well as with individuals within those organizations.

Her experience as an employee, an executive and a consultant provides her with a vast array of approaches and resources, which she combines with intuition and compassion to support your success in many ways.

Please contact us at SynapseCtr@comcast.net with your needs so that we may send further information and answer any questions you may have.


In addition to working with individuals, Dr. Butler's experience includes:

Numerous programs including but not limited to: Open Space, Open Space Technology, A Gathering of Leaders, Spirit At Work, Together For Global Unity, Ways of Transformation.

Intensive retreat setting programs for teams and families nationally and internationally.

Associate and co-facilitator with numerous experts in the field of Expanded Human Capacities and Excellence In Business.

Speaker on varied subjects including TV news specials: Staminacs with Katie Keifer on the topic of Staminacs, as opposed to workaholics; The Possible Society on the topic of societal change at a grass roots level.


University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
University of Colorado at Denver, Colorado
Bank Western Headquarters Training Division
Instructional Communications, Inc.
Delphi Research Associates, Washington, D.C.
Association of Operating Room Nurses, National Headquarters
Storage Technology Headquarters
Hewlet-Packard Headquarters
Adolph Coors
Colorado Board of Nursing
Denver Public Schools
Expanded Learning
Beale International
Foundation for Mind Research, Pomona, New York
Corporate Express Headquarters, Executive Offices

Synapse Centers for Growth, Inc®
since 1981

The Possible Society, Denver
since 1985

Business consultant, coach, trainer, facilitator and speaker

Whole Life Mentor

Creator and producer

Audio Offerings for Synapse Centers

“Dr. Butler is a very talented psychotherapist and coach. She has helped me extensively to ge through debilitating self esteem issues. My life has taken a substantially more positive direction as a result of my work with her.”
Bob Beale, International business owner

“Dianna Butler holds a magnificent array of skills including intuition, courage, and wisdom of the mind and heart. As a soul-level mentor and therapist, she guides, counsels and coaches people through profound levels of healing and growth.”
Margaret Nash Rubin

Dr. Butler has been a mentor and whole life guide for individuals, families and executives and would be happy to provide references upon request.

To arrange for individual telephone sessions with Dr. Butler, contact us at synapsectr@yahoo.com .
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