Synapse Centers for Growth, Inc® Frequently Asked Questions

Should I order CD's or Cassette's?
Our offerings are all available on CD. You may prefer a cassette for use when using, for example, a walkman-type player.

Can I duplicate the material?
In addition to the copyrights, because of the highly technical nature that goes into the production of these subliminals, they are recorded in a sound studio. They are precisely tuned at a particular decible range below the level of normal hearing to reach the unconscious mind and so it is not possible to assure that subliminals transfer. Innacurate transfer of subliminals could have detrimental effects to the listener. We claim no responsibility whatever for tapes that are duplicated.

Just how are Synapse Center’s offerings made?
Each topic is personally designed and recorded in a sound studio by Dr. Butler. The several levels of recorded material are then mixed and precisely modulated. Both the guided imagery and subliminals direct your desired changes. Utilizing affirmative subliminals recorded below the level of normal hearing, we add music with a rhythm that entrains the brain waves to respond most easily. Messages reach both the dominant and non-dominant hemispheres of the brain simultaneously on several levels of hearing, both above and below the normal level of human hearing.

You will not consciously hear the subliminal statements, other than perhaps a word or two here and there. What you will hear is pleasant music of either classical pieces or compositions made exclusively for Synapse Centers recorded by internationally-known recording artist Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect.

How long or often should I use my CD or tape?
Negative behavior patterns can be easily interrupted with even one session. To effect permanent change, research has shown that a three-month period imprints the new behavior as permanent storage in the brain/mind. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you listen to the imagery portion often, and the subliminals once daily or more. You will find that both the imageries and the subliminals, in addition to shifting your habit patterns, also have great benefit as a relaxation and stress reduction vehicle.

Is it safe to play the subliminal recordings with anyone else in listening range?
Yes. You may play the subliminals anywhere at any time, without harm to anyone listening. Although the subliminal messages will be even more effective if you use stereo headphones, playing them more often will accelerate the change process. Feel free to listen to the subliminals in the car, around the house, while exercising... in short, anywhere, anytime.

What about the guided visualizations?
Of course, as with any method that accesses the unconscious mind and alters states of consciousness, you will NOT want to play the self-hypnosis imageries when you are driving, operating machinery, or anything which requires alert consciousness.

The visualizations are most effective when listened to when you can be in an undisturbed setting to allow for the deep relaxation they induce. If you find that you go into deep sleep while listening, you might want to sit up until the program is finished to encourage remaining in the theta brainwave state of greatest receptivity.

Just before going to sleep is the ideal time to relax deeply and take in your positive images for the changes you want! The unconscious mind can then continue working your program all through your delta brainwave sleep cycle, also.

The guided visualization portion of your program can certainly be used also at any time you choose to relax.

Why Stereo Headphones?
Electroencephalogram equipment (EEG)and the CT scan, among other things, prove asymmetry, hemisphere dominance and division of labor exist. The tachistoscope can show that each cerebral hemisphere receives information primarily from the opposite half of the body. Split-brain patient studies clearly indicate specific capabilities and inabilities for each half of the brain.

Dr. Butler believes that the use of stereo headphones when listening to subliminals make even better use of your change messages. When different words are heard simultaneously by each ear a person will tend to report the words heard consciously on the right and ignore those heard on the left. You will be reminded at the beginning of each recording how to use your headphones, if you choose to use them, for the subliminal portion. The guided visualizations can be listened to with or without headphones; with mono or stereo delivery.

What is so importance about voice intonation?
Research has shown that the best language to reach the unconscious mind is using a vocabulary roughly of a 10 year old. The non-dominant hemisphere processes verbal material if voice intonation is used. The dominant hemisphere processes it if a monotone is used. Dr. Butler records all our materials on several tracks and separate right/left information using this guideline.

What difference does it make what music is used with subliminals?
One of the striking things about subliminal perception is the importance of passive receptivity as a means by which individuals can become aware of subliminal stimuli. Relaxation appears to have an extraordinary effect upon human perception.

Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect , has composed and performed the music which carries your subliminal messages designed and spoken by Dr. Butler. It was composed using the proven optimal rhythm for relaxed receptivity. Other musical selections are from classical or other pieces which also match the rhythm of the theta (subliminal) brainwave state.

Why direct subliminals and visualizations to different parts of the brain?
The same experience is perceived differently by the dominant and non-dominant hemispheres of the brain because memory exists as two separate processes. One is verbal and the other is visual.

Remarkable behavioral, psychological and even physiological change can occur if the verbal suggestions and the visual images are presented which engage the unconscious in the process.

Our suggestions for change are embedded as subliminals under music. The images are given through the Guided Visualizations.

Should I have a list of subliminal messages?
We believe, based on experience and research, that if the person desiring the change has a list for the conscious mind of the subliminal messages which are intended for the unconscious mind, that the conscious blocks are simply reinforced. For this reason we will supply the text of your subliminals only by specific request.

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