Release Unwanted Behaviors

The use of subliminals, guided imageries and self-hypnosis is powerful because it creates a optimal brain/mind/body link through the conscious and unconscious minds.

Almost all right-handed people have the Left hemisphere as "dominant" (mostly conscious) and the Right as "non-dominant" (mostly unconscious). For the majority of left-handed people, this is reversed.

Together, these hemispheres take care of the detailed functions for you, and have a division of labor system worked out. They each do important work, and either hemisphere alone can think, feel, and remember in its own way... but they don't compute it in the same way or speak the same language. They are frequently at odds, and they don't always do the tasks that they do best.

Each hemisphere often does instead what it thinks it can do, and power struggles are a result. If you want to change something but can't seem to do it, this power struggle is probably what is keeping you stuck! The important thing is to let them communicate effectively with each other. A very easy way to do this is through subliminals.

Many with "genius" intellect such as Einstein and Mozart demonstrated using each half of the brain for what it does best. Einstein said, "The words or language do not seem to play any role in my mechanism of thoughts. Images can be voluntary. The combinatory play seems to be essential in productive thought, before any connection with the logical construction. That comes only later, laboriously, in a second stage." The act of genius requires a real partnership of intuition and logic.

During the past thirty years many scientific studies have made the phenomenon of subliminal perception a new scientific fact. With imageries and subliminals, important memories and stimuli which effect behavior registered out of awareness can now be used for change in a partnership of intuition and logic.

Short-term memory becomes long-term memory. It is not possible to think consciously in both hemispheres at once. Only your dominant hemisphere can express itself in words, and so a memory can actually exist which affects behavior, yet is unknown and unavailable to your verbal (conscious) awareness. It constructs a false world in which it is responsible for everything and because it has a direct line to consciousness it sounds and looks as if it is in charge. It handles speech, time, logic, critical, scientific judgement and sequential "computer-like" ordering. It sees in little pieces, instead of the whole picture.

Tests have shown that the dominant side doesn't hesitate to rationalize and take credit for actions that are obviously the work of the non-dominant side. One of the greatest barriers in teaching highly verbal people how to use their non-dominant brain is that they cannot believe that they have a non-verbal consciousness.

Your non-dominant hemisphere does at least half of the work for you but can't talk about it. It deals with image, subjective thinking, is symbolic, wholistic, here-and-now, intuitive, and creative.

This hemisphere recognizes emotions, mediates pain more intensely, sees patterns more, is more musical and sexual, sees in wholes and responds to the unknown. There is evidence that dreaming occurs primarily in the right hemisphere.

Consciousness is only a small part of our wholeness. We are all affected by a lot of things in our unconscious which our consciousness doesn't know anything about. Your non-dominant hemisphere (unconscious), knows and makes decisions based on nonverbal processes. No wonder we have trouble accomplishing what we think we want sometimes!

It takes significantly less time for change using subliminal messages than through placebos. Remarkable behavioral, psychological and even physiological change can occur if the suggestions and images are presented which engage the unconscious in the process.

William James said, "Man alone is the architect of his destiny. The greatest revolution in our generation is that of human beings, by changing their inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives."

Techniques used to access the unconscious show time after time the ability of mind and changing consciousness to affect the physical processes of the brain and body. The mind does moves matter in the brain, according to Sperry's Nobel-prize winning theory.

As new methods to integrate the brain's activity are used to make it less random and enticing it into higher organization, brains undergo a quite literal accelerated transformation, with behavioral change occurring at the same time.

Subliminal stimulus has the ability to move the anchor point, the position from which people evaluate the world around them, between virtually any two concepts in any direction desired.

By reaching the unconscious through subliminals and imagery you can put "on hold" your normal frame-of-reference, making yourself amazingly receptive to change. In this way, your "split brain", which has kept you stuck in limiting beliefs, biases and actions which are no longer useful to you will no longer be able to stop you.

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