Dr. Butler designed and produced the audio learning aids used in a study which was presented by the University of Colorado Nurse Outreach Program.

Subliminal stimulation has been established to produce desired effects in the area of marketing. This denotes a strong potential for subliminal stimulation in the area of education. Many leading authorities have conceded that attitudes can be modified or completely changed. It has also been recognized that hypnotic suggestion can effect changes in attitude.

Perception has long been established as the means by which an individual receives incoming stimuli (messages) to effect a change in attitude.

Many studies verified and replicated results that hemispheric laterality with auditory subliminal messages presented to subjects in the dominant ear which connects with the non-dominant hemisphere realized even greater statistical significance than vice-versa.

Theorists maintain that the conscious mind adapts itself to the basic program established in the unconscious and that "no significant belief or attitude held by any individual is apparently made on the basis of consciously perceived data". It is also conceived that the basic attitudinal (perceptual) frame of reference through which data are evaluated appears to operate through the unconscious.

In more than fifty experiments reported from a variety of laboratories, the subliminal psychodynamic activation technique has been found to affect behavior in ways that the neutral-control stimuli have not.... psychodynamic stimuli are lost when they are presented supraliminally.

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